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i won't let you go,this feels so right♥

Hello ladies (& gentlemen)!
Today we were able to go and choose from available lots.We(me is more like it) chose lot #27, house # will be 59.

This is the road our house will be built on.So our new address will become; 59 Greenway Blvd - different city than we're in now, as well.

This is part of our lot. I got to choose it. My parents had troubles, so they asked me which one I liked. I said 27.

This is part of our lot (#27) and part of #28, as well. I think 28 is in there too, anyway.

This is another available lot.We were going to choose it (it's lot #50), but it was too small, and we want to put in an above ground pool next spring.

Not our house,but that's the color scheme my Mom wants on our house.

51 Greenway Blvd - that is what our house will look like,but the above color scheme and 59 Greenway, instead. As well, the front porch will be extended so we can sit out front.

51 Greenway Blvd again.

And again, the other road you see is Hawthorn Crt. The original road we thought we'd have ours built on. (Lot #4 was available,but it was too small, just like lot #50)

The sign for Hawthorn Crt. =)

Happy building! :]
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