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Weird trend in columns?

The floor plan we're looking at has an open floor plan - the kitchen, nook, and family room are all open to each other, and off the family room is a "flex room" which can be used as a dining room, living room, etc. Being young people, we don't have much need for a dining room or living room. So, we got the great idea of removing the flex room walls and making one big L-shaped room.

Our sales agent responded that that was possible for $1.5-2K, however we'd need to keep four columns as structural supports and a header at the ceiling, which was expected. And, she said they were great looking columns, not these weird round spindly things we have down here in our rental basement. I asked to see a picture, and she led me to a virtual tour on the builders website of a house with a column. I took some screen shots to show the column features.

So here's the bottom of the column. Notice the nice crown molding - I like it!

The problem lies with the top of the column:

What's with the column supporting the header? Does anyone else think that looks really funny? I was looking online for some other pictures of columns, and I did find a manufacturer who did the same look, where the column header is not completely flush with the ceiling. Is there anything we can do (cheaply) to mitigate the look?

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