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From Garage Into House From Garage Into House
Corner of Family Room Corner of Family Room
Shot of the ceiling Shot of the ceiling
From Family Room into Kitchen From Family Room into Kitchen
You can see where the sliding door and kitchen window will be.
Laundry Room / Powder Room Laundry Room / Powder Room
Side shot of ceiling Side shot of ceiling
Basement Basement
Basement, Beam, and Support Basement, Beam, and Support
Notice the support isn't quite straight.
Close up of flooring. Close up of flooring.
Up into Second Floor Up into Second Floor
Stairs hadn't been installed
Front Door Front Door
Back of House Back of House
I hadn't realized how much the overhang would block light to the first floor.

We went in Sunday to sign the final change order for the house (we only had four, which I suppose is good).  We had a custom option to remove a wall from the family room to the flex room to create an L-shaped family room and the original estimates ranged from $1500 to $2500.  Luckily, it was priced out at just over $500, which means we have more room in the budget for everything extra we need to buy.  

For example, window coverings.  Our house doesn't have that many windows, but it sure will add up when you put blinds or shades on each one.  Also, we rent a house now, and don't have any lawn care equipment.  Our yard isn't huge, but we will need to sink a few hundred into a lawn mower.  And things we decided to buy separate from the builder, like a garage door opener, appliances (all but the dishwasher and a microwave), and paint.  They only offered the two types of beige. 
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